Opinion: A visit from my daughter


Commentary by Ward Degler

My daughter is always busy. She is either working on something or planning something to work on. She is a master gardener and an excellent cook.

The latter expressed itself last week when she and her husband came to visit from Missouri. She brought a tub of ingredients and polished off her list at our local grocery store. Then, she settled into the kitchen.

Later, the most delicious spaghetti and meat sauce I’ve ever tasted appeared on the table. The sauce was made from scratch, and special pasta filled the bill.

The next day, she made pancakes — not quick and easy like I would make them. She had a precise list of ingredients, and the light, fluffy product was delicious.

She is also a dog person, and she brought with her a 13-year-old Yorkie and a 6-month-old Yorkie puppy. Both provided Class A entertainment. The youngster would pick a toy from a bag of chew toys, consider it briefly, shake it and then choose another. Ultimately, he would get bored with them and seek other entertainment, usually in my daughter’s lap.

I am blessed with four daughters, this one being the oldest. She got her doctorate in clinical psychology years ago and had a family practice for several years before retiring to her gardens and puppies.

We didn’t go anywhere or do anything special while she was here. We just stayed home and enjoyed one another’s company. Have you ever known someone you didn’t have to entertain or do things for? What kind of person are you comfortable just being with?

That’s my daughter, and I am deeply grateful for her time with me. Of course, she had to go back home, and I already miss her.