Letter: Student-designed roundabout art a good idea



Kudos to Ben Boyce, the Carmel student who has logic and common sense not seen in most adults these days. His suggestion for a student-designed sculpture in the roundabout near Carmel High School makes perfect sense and was very well thought out.

While saving the City of Carmel much of the $400,000 price tag for the proposed art, it may also be less distracting to drivers. We create roundabouts that help cut down on accidents and then fill them with large pieces of art for people to see while they’re driving. Hmmm.

Apparently, the Carmel Redevelopment Commission is now making art decisions, since those are out of the hands of a single decision maker who is no longer mayor. However, it doesn’t seem there is any more logic or common sense to the decisions than there was before. Maybe we should have more of our youth in leadership positions rather than the adults we have now.

Don Masten, Carmel