Zionsville resident announces campaign for Indiana House of Representatives


Zionsville resident Tiffany Stoner recently announced her 2024 campaign for the Indiana House of Representatives District 25 seat. The primary is in May.

Stoner was a Democratic candidate for the Zionsville Town Council District 5 seat in 2023.

“I’ve been deeply rooted in Zionsville for 24 years as a small-business owner, passionate volunteer, mother of four and wife of a Colonel in the Army Reserves,” Stoner stated. “I stand for the return of civility, sensibility and respect for our legislature. I believe I’m the leader who can build consensus and lead progress for all Hoosiers—nothing fancy, just hard work.”

Stoner has owned Nathaniel Edmunds Photography since 2001. She has a master’s in information and communications sciences from Ball State University. She also spent 17 years as a network architect and senior program manager for Accenture, one of the largest global consulting firms.

“I believe in the importance of representation that truly reflects the needs of the community, and after knocking on thousands of doors, I know one thing for sure: Hoosiers want balance,” Stoner stated. “Let’s strive to have strong, vibrant and safe communities with adequate infrastructure and well-funded schools.”

Stoner stated Indiana has shifted away from being known for sound policies to a state that makes national news for the wrong reasons.

“I want Hoosiers to draw the national spotlight for our valuable contributions and accomplishments,” Stoner stated. “We can be a state where residents want to stay, and businesses want to invest for the future.”

For more, visit tiffanystoner.com.