Opinion: What I don’t want for Christmas


Commentary by Ward Degler

What do I want for Christmas? Honest answer: I’m not sure. What I am sure of is, it’s not clothes.

A peek at my closet will explain why I don’t need more apparel. I counted 15 sweaters. If I wore a different one every day, it would take two weeks plus one day to wear each once. I usually alternate wearing three to four.

I don’t know how many shirts are hanging there. There are five that I wear on a day-to-day basis. At least a dozen others hang unworn. Some still have tags on them.

One year, I mentioned I could use a pair of khaki chinos. Five pairs now hang in my closet.

Another time, I suggested socks. That went on everyone’s gift list, and today, I have a drawer overflowing with socks.

Don’t get me started on winter coats. I have my leather flight jacket, of course. I bought that years ago when I was still flying. Then, there are two coats with liners that I’ve accumulated over time. One has a detachable fur collar.

During the years I worked for a car auction I acquired four jackets. They give them to their drivers each year at Thanksgiving. I wear two of them regularly.

The truth is, the older we get, the less we need. I will purge my closet and bag items I haven’t worn in a year and give them to St. Vincent DePaul.

Let someone else enjoy the years of generosity of my family and friends. I can feel good about that.