Couple provides support for Indy Opera’s Lobster Palooza


Mike and Kimann Schultz are true arts lovers.

“The way we met was writing songs together, so music has always been a part of our lives,” said Mike, who was working for a radio station in Madison, Wis., at that time. “It’s our love of music and the opera art form that is the main reason we are passionate about the Indianapolis Opera. I love all forms of music and all forms of creative expression.”

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Kimann and Mike Schultz are supporters of Indianapolis Opera. (Photo courtesy of Kimann Schultz)

Kimann, an author, lyricist and illustrator, is the chair for Lobster Palooza. The Indianapolis Opera fundraiser is set for 6 to 10 p.m. July 15 at the Basile Opera Center, 4011 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis.

Kimann and Mike are Indianapolis Opera board members. Mike, an attorney with Parr Richey, is in his third one-year term as president. Kimann and Mike, who live in Lawrence Township in the Geist area, were co-chairs of Opera Ball a few years ago.

Mike is a member of Invisible Ray, which will perform at Lobster Palooza, a New England-style lobster boil dinner.

“We are creative people,” Kimann said. “We write and we compose things. In the social world, if it’s arts-related, that’s what we love to do best. It’s not just about inspiring people to create themselves, whether artists or musicians, it’s about supporting those who do it.”

Kimann is a staunch proponent of the Indianapolis Opera’s residence artist program.

“It fosters new talent and fosters people who have this great courage and capability to take to the deep dive from doing any number of jobs that anybody can support themselves, and they are launching careers where they want to sing and do what we call music-storytelling opera to make their living,” Kimann said. “That’s a really cool thing. I’ve always said the arts are a bridge between man and mankind. I think the arts have a way to bring diverse people together who are truly different. It elevates us and it inspires us.”

Kimann said the Basile Center is a mid-century building, which was once the home of the Greek Orthodox Church.

“It’s had a wonderful renovation done to it,” Kimann said. “It’s a cool mid-century structure. It’s situated in a beautiful neighborhood that I love. In years past, I drew homes for the Meridian-Kessler Home Tour.”

Kimann said the event is planned indoors, so rain isn’t a concern. Last year’s Lobster Palooza was planned outdoors in tents at Daniel’s Vineyard but had to move inside because of heavy rain.

“We have some outdoor access,” Kimann said. “We should have the best of both worlds.”

Kimann said Mike’s job keeps him from performing too often but said it’s one of his joys of life.

Mike, 54, has played with several bands through the years, starting in high school.

“I’m usually playing keyboards and singing,” Mike said. “It’s usually rock ‘n’ roll. I played in a country band somewhere down the line.”

The band, Invisible Ray, is headed by guitarist/vocalist Dan T. Hall, a filmmaker who has a video production company.

“To be involved in the entertainment for one of our fundraisers is going to be a fun time,” Mike said. “We’ll play danceable rock songs. We cover a lot of genres. I sing some songs from Dobie Gray and Marc Cohn and the Little River Band.”

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