Candidate filing concludes in Zionsville for May primary election


Candidate filing for the May 2 municipal primary election ended Feb. 3. Candidates to file are:

Zionsville  Mayor

Zionsville Town Judge

  • Samantha Spencer (R)
  • Judith Coffey (D)

Zionsville Council  District 1 

  • Bob Harris  (R)

Zionsville Council District 2

  • Jason A. Plunkett  (R)
  • Jason D. Ramer  (D)

Zionsville Council  District 3

Zionsville  Council District 4 

Zonsville Council  District 5

  • Brad Burk (R)
  • Bret Henton (R) (withdrew)
  • Tiffany Stoner (D)

Zionsville  Council at-large (vote for two)