Letter: No room for a milquetoast mayor



I am begging Carmel mayoral candidates to please take a hard look at yourselves in the mirror and make sure you can answer yes to these: Am I a visionary? Do I understand that Carmel’s objectively extraordinary success was not built on politics or even consensus? Am I allergic to conversations about municipal debt? Do I realize that the most desirable places in the world to live and visit are largely car-free and eminently walkable and bikeable? That I will be remembered for things that foster a vibrant public domain, not for road projects or meeting budgets?

Carmel unwittingly hit the jackpot with the bold and unconventional leadership of (Mayor Jim) Brainard and (former City Councilor Ron) Carter. They got thousands of things right, and we can forgive one or two petty things like art we don’t like. Less than 25 years ago, Carmel was a suburban no-place, and now that we are a national leader, there is no room here for a milquetoast mayor. We deserve another disruptor. Chances are it’s not you, so please give it another look before running.

Kevin Heber, Carmel