Community Health Network alerts patients about data breach


Community Health Network said it is notifying patients whose personal and medical information may have been part of a data breach.

The health network said that third-party tracking technologies known as cookies or pixels installed on its website, including the MyChart patient portal and some of its appointment scheduling pages, transmitted certain patient information to the tracking technology vendors. It did not disclose the number of patients who were affected by the data breach.

“Any individual who visited the Community MyChart patient portal or scheduled an appointment on the website since the date we began using these third-party tracking technologies (April 6, 2017), may have been involved. However, because the type of information transmitted through the tracking technologies varied depending on the configurations on the user’s device and the user’s activity on the Community website and Chart patient portal, Community cannot determine with certainty whose information was transmitted,” according to a statement from Community Health Network.

The health network said that “information potentially transmitted to the third-party tracking technology vendors did not include Society Security number, debit card information, credit card information, or other financial account information.”

The health network also said it has sent out letters but noted that it “does not mean that we know for certain that your information was involved, but simply means that our records indicated that you have engaged with a Community provider or affiliated entity on or after April 6, 2017, which is the date we began implementing these third-party tracking technologies.”

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