Robotic arm-assisted surgery technology progresses


Robotic arm-assisted surgery continues to make advancements.

Dr. Joseph Maratt, joint replacement surgeon with Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, said the Stryker Mako technology combines advanced navigation for preoperative planning with a robotic arm that allows the surgeon to precisely execute the plan.

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Dr. Joseph Maratt

“It starts with a CT scan from which a 3D model of the patient’s knee is created,” Maratt said. “Surgery is initially planned on this 3D model, allowing the surgeon to select implant sizes and prepare a personalized plan for each patient based on their anatomy. During surgery, the ligaments around the knee are assessed and the preoperative plan is refined to further optimize the position of the implants and how the knee joint will move. At this point, the robotic arm helps make precise bone resections with the knee in a more natural position, causing less trauma to the joint and tissues around the joint. This results in less pain and an easier recovery. The ability to personalize the position of the implants for each patient leads to a joint replacement that feels more natural. Ideally placed implants may also improve longevity of the knee replacement.”

In the hands of a skilled surgeon, Maratt said the Mako robotic arm results in improved patient outcomes, such as reduced pain and improved function.

The joint replacement surgeons at Forté Sports Medicine have been utilizing Mako Smart Robotics since 2014. Forté Sports Medicine acquired three Mako Smart Robotics after partnering with Franciscan Health for the opening of the Orthopedic Center of Excellence in Carmel.”

“When I describe what it allows us to do before and during surgery to optimize implant placement for each patient, they understand the value it offers,” Maratt said. “They feel comfortable with it once they understand that is an incremental step forward, applying concepts of precision medicine to make joint replacement yet better.”

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