Carmel resident markets personal care products for young athletes


As a former Guerin Catholic High School cross country and track and field runner, Brandon Oblazney knows how important it is to have the right personal care products in the locker room.

It became even more apparent when his younger brother, Chad, a former Guerin Catholic soccer player, had a skin condition aggravated by some products.

CIC DOUGH 0906 Youthsport All in
Brandon Oblazney displays his Youthsport All-in products. (Photo courtesy of Brandon Oblazney)

That led Oblazney to found of Youthsport All-In, which offers personal care products developed for young athletes.

“Growing up we were always conscious of what we were putting on our skin,” said the Carmel resident, who graduated from Guerin in 2015.

Oblazney said the mission of Youthsport All-In, which he started in January, is to provide natural-based personal care products for children ages 7-14 while giving back to charities and organizations that help youth play sports.

“I want to help change lives with this business. I’m planning to start small locally with Indiana and one day donate a full gym of equipment to a high school and once we are big enough help with charities all around the country,” he said. “I have a strong appreciation for how sports can help kids grow. Staying physically active is a major part of my life and has made me a better person physically, mentally and socially.”

Oblazney said there are a lot of chemicals in some personal care products that can cause reactions.

“A lot of things that are marketed to athletes have sulfates and aluminum and things like that,” Oblazney said. “They’re chemicals and they take no prisoners. They’re not meant to nourish and help the skin out. They work and you’re not going to die using them, but they’re closer in formulation to dish soap than something you want to put on your skin.”

Oblazney, 25, graduated from University of Michigan in 2019. He worked for two years in investment banking.

“I learned a ton about manufacturing and the branding side of personal care products,” he said.

Oblazney, who had been living in Maryland for work, returned to Carmel to live during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I didn’t feel the passion for finance that I felt initially that I felt when I was starting out,” he said. “I wanted to start something in what I was passionate about and what I had experience in.”

Oblazney said sports taught him the process of setting a goal and overcoming it.

“Boy Scouts and youth sports taught me about leadership skills,’ Oblazney said.

Oblazney said he has been visiting youth sporting events to get the word out about his products.

Oblazney said he has already given back with donations to help with scholarships or equipment for the Carmel Dads’ Club, Westfield Youth Sports Inc., YMCA of Greater Indianapolis and Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis.

Products can be purchased by subscription. For more, visit