Letter: Looking for less extreme candidates 



I salute Mike Senuta for his recent letter to the editor (Aug. 30) regarding comments made by U.S. Rep. Victoria Spartz. She was not my choice in the 2020 primary election; so be it. I’ve been dismayed that nearly every statement she has issued while in office, on even the most innocuous topics, have a pro-Trump and anti-Biden sentiment. I have been disappointed at the number of public officials who have objected strongly to the recent DOJ/FBI investigation of mis-handled classified documents. 

It was particularly disheartening to read Mr. Senuta’s reporting of what Rep. Spartz said in the 13 Aug. meeting. I have worn the uniform serving this country, know well what is at stake when classified materials have been entrusted to my care, have seen people punished to non-compliance with prescribed procedures. As does Mr. Senuta, I believe she is due to apologize for her comments that aggravate an unfortunate situation and do discredit the faithful and loyal employees of agencies that keep us safe and secure from all threats, foreign and domestic.

In the 1972 presidential election — the first I voted in — Richard Nixon trounced George McGovern. The South Dakota senator was a good man, had reasonable ideas and proposed moderate actions. But he was up against someone skilled at playing power games for his own self-glory, disregarding legal if not moral constraints, a master of the political dis-information game. Victory, yes, but eventually disgrace to the office of the president.

There is a parallel brewing for the upcoming election. This being deep-red Carmel, the likelihood of Ms. Jeannine Lake unseating Rep. Spartz is comparable to finding an ice-cube in the netherworld. I hope, however, she will not lose heart and will continue to offer well-reasoned proposals that would better serve the residents of the 5th Congressional District and this country. Perhaps the Republican Party leadership will one-day provide candidates as a less-extreme, more-civilized choice. We Hoosiers once opted for Richard Mourdock over Dick Lugar, so I am not confident that will occur soon.

Douglas Johnson, Carmel