Leo Club fundraiser supports Zionsville youth 


By Sammy Bredar 

The Leo Club, the student version of the Lions Club, is having a fundraiser during the Fourth of July celebration in Zionsville.

The Fourth of July celebration is at the Zionsville Lions Park and starts at 5 p.m., with fireworks at 10 p.m. Parking is available starting at 4 p.m. Cost is $8 per vehicle.

CIZ COM 0628 Leo Club
Lily Nault

“The (Leo Club) helps students grades seven to 12 get involved with community service,” said Lily Nault, a Zionsville resident and president of the Leo Club. “We find that students in the club find that they are more involved with the community as a result. The goal of the Leo (Club) is to help improve the community and inspire service in the youth of today.” 

The Leo Club will sell snow cones at its booth. Proceeds will support the club’s future projects. 

“These projects often benefit other community members or organizations,” Nault said. “Last year, we utilized money to help support local businesses in the Zionsville community.”

Nault said the event’s fundraising goal is $250.

The fundraiser also helps Leo Club members connect to their local community.

“While it does help raise money for the club, it also helps our members reach out to the community more, which helps us to leave a better impact on individuals,” Nault said.

Fireworks begin at approximately 10 p.m. during the July 4 event. Nault said the fundraiser will take place in Lions Park a few hours before the fireworks start. The snow cone stand will be near the concessions.