KinderCare opens on Michigan Road


By Chris Bavender

A new daycare on the Zionsville and Carmel border is offering parents another option for child care. Carmel KinderCare opened in March at 10910 N. Michigan Rd. The center has space for up to 151 children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old, with before- and after-school care for children ages 5 to 12.

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“KinderCare has spots for up to 24 infants, ages 6 weeks to 1 year old, 30 toddlers ages 1-2, and 28 discovery preschool students, or children ages two years old,” said Stephanie Fischer, Carmel KinderCare director. “We also have space for up to 20 preschool children (three’s), 24 pre-k students (four’s) and 25 school-age children.”

Besides before- and after-school care, school-age children can participate in summer activities at the Center in the Champ Camp program.

“They won’t miss a moment of growth during the school break,” Fischer said.

Fischer started with the Rainbow Child Care Center (which was later acquired by KinderCare) in 2018 as a parent. From that experience, she moved on to a career with KinderCare.

KinderCare’s mission, according to Fischer, is to provide high-quality early childhood education and school-age care.

“For families, we provide essential care and peace of mind while providing safe and nurturing early learning environments for children to learn and thrive in while they build confidence for life,” she said. “We’re proud of a more than 50-year history of building deep, meaningful relationships with families and providing amazing and memorable experiences for our learning communities.”

The center has 18 employees. Fischer said KinderCare’s curriculum is based on helping children meet key academic and developmental milestones as well six core developmental domains, including executive function, language and literacy development, and social-emotional learning.

“Each month presents a new curriculum theme filled with appropriate activities for each age group,” Fischer said. “For example, during the foods and flavors curriculum theme, babies might participate in a sensory activity with fruit and discover which fruits sink or float, while preschoolers practice their kitchen etiquette by helping to set the table or pretending to make a meal in the dramatic play area with other children.”

Fischer wants families to experience the “joy of being a part of early childhood education and a brand-new center.”

“I hope they are able to see and feel how passionate our teaching staff is and how much they truly love what they do,” she said. “I hope they see how much their family means to all of us here.”

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