Letter: Artificial turf at Midtown a wise decision



In response to Alison Brown’s recent letter to the editor, I’d like to counter her point concerning artificial turf at Midtown Plaza. As someone who has sold millions of dollars of synthetic turf for 21 years now around the Midwest, I have a solid understanding of the product.

For starters, the City of Carmel is using turf with a 1-inch pile height and not using any in-filled rubber, which is very smart. That will keep the heat level down and avoid a lot of maintenance. Artificial turf in that situation will not only save the city on watering, but it also will save money from mowing and fertilizer and hold up well in a heavy foot traffic area.

Artificial turf is used in many municipal areas around the country, particularly down South and out West. There is no off-gassing without the rubber in-fill, nor will there be any chemicals given “off.” Perhaps Ms. Brown should have done her homework before criticizing the City of Carmel for their wise decision at Midtown Plaza. And, more than 200 high schools in Indiana have at least one turf field, while Carmel High School now has four! If it’s so bad for the environment, why would our public educators allow our children to be exposed to something so perilous?

Bruce Heldt, Carmel