Westfield High School presents ‘Tartuffe’

Westfield High School will present “Tartuffe” at 7 p.m. March 24-26. “Tartuffe” is a time-period comedy by French playwright Molière adapted by Timothy Mooney. The play is directed by Lance Grubb.
“‘Tartuffe’ is all about hypocrisy, which is what Tartuffe (the Impostor) portrays throughout the show,” Grubb said. “The comedy stems from his pretentiousness as he convinced two family members that he is a devout holy man while the other members of the family see right through him. Every aspect from the 1700s costumes to the dramatic representation of the cast is designed to draw laughs.”
Junior Isaac Schantz plays Tartuffe.
Alayna Miller, Cole Wolfe, Loryn Fry, Grace Welsh, Sam Vance, Emma Novak and Alex Arnold are seniors in the cast.  Addie Owens, Stevie Kilgore, Kaitlyn Godsoe and Matt Trent are seniors in the crew.