Column: To be(spoke), or not to be(spoke)


Commentary by Jeremy Ciano

In high-end custom fashion, designing your own clothes, cars or jewelry is a luxury reserved only for the uber-wealthy and intrinsically creative. But the great news is that bespoking is making its way into the optometric world, and it isn’t just found on Rodeo Drive or the Magnificent Mile anymore.

According to Wikipedia, “Bespoke is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. It may be altered or tailored to the customs, tastes or usage of an individual.” Synonyms include “custom-made” and “made-to-order.”

With countless color palettes to choose from in varying arrays of finishes, there are almost unlimited combinations that a creative individual can put their personalized stamp on for their very own frames. Traditional materials of plastics and metals lead the mainstream optical world, but newer frame materials are now finding their way onto Hoosier faces each week.

Patients can enjoy customizing frames made from European woods, buffalo horn and various precious metals. Diamonds and other jewelry gemstones also are options for those looking for some statement pieces and extra bling.

Even customizing the shapes of the lenses are viable options when creating your own personalized look. Of course, the ultimate in customization will be 3-D printing of frames, but the industry hasn’t quite gotten to that point. Stay tuned as technology continues to race forward toward that eventuality.

With so many options, it is becoming a great time to step outside the box of big-box chains’ opticals and create a custom look for yourself. So, the next time you are looking for a little piece of affordable luxury, give your local optical a call and ask about their bespoking options. You will be surprised how fun, easy and creative the process will be.