Event caters to Washington Woods dads and kids


Washington Woods Elementary School dads or male guardians will have a chance to attend an event designed just for them and their children Sept. 22.

The event is organized by the WWES All Pro Dads chapter, which launched three years ago. There are now All Pro Dads chapters at Oak Trace, Maple Glen and Carey Ridge elementary schools.

The Sept. 22 event is from 6 to 7:15 p.m. and allows WWES male guardians and their children to attend a Westfield High School Football practice at Riverview Health Stadium.

“We are going to watch the end of the Shamrocks’ practice,” WWES All Pro Dads team captain Tyler Enyart said. “Greek’s Pizzeria will provide pizza, so the dads and kids will come, grab a slice of pizza and go up in stands to watch practice. At the end of practice, coach (Jake) Gilbert and the team will interact with all the dads and kids and they’ll do obstacle course or interactive activities. Then, coach Gilbert will talk with the whole group about leadership and confidence.”

To register, visit allprodadchapters.com/chapters/11339.

The chapter typically organizes events four times a year.

“All Pro Dads is a national organization. Tony Dungy is the national spokesperson,” Enyart said. “It’s a Christian-based organization, but it truly is about getting dads and important male figures involved in children’s lives. We’ve all seen research and studies of how important it is to have a male figure in a child’s life, so All Pro Dads is all about celebrating that relationship and giving those dads and male figures an opportunity to have those experiences with the kids.”

The event is free, but it is only open to WWES families.