Creative Umbrella opens studio inside Black Dog Books


When Deborah Hayward and her husband, Ron Schow, first visited Zionsville, they ate at Rosey’s, and she was intrigued by Black Dog Books’ storefront across the street.

With time to spare, Hayward, 46, and Schow walked inside the bookstore, where they met owner Tania Roudebush, the first Zionsville resident the couple would come to know.

Several years later, on Aug. 26, Hayward celebrated the grand opening of Creative Umbrella, a graphic design business, inside Black Dog Books at 115 S. Main St. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held the same day and ice cream and door prizes were given to visitors.

Before opening the new business, Hayward worked as a freelance graphic designer for several years, operating out of her home. She developed a clientele on the east and west coasts, but she wanted to expand to include more local businesses.

“Funny thing is, I was not looking for a space,” Hayward said. “But my son just graduated from high school, and I had more time to focus on the business, and I’ve always eyed this space in Black Dog Books.”

Immediately to the left of Black Dog Books’ entrance is an additional space that has served a variety of businesses, including a travel agency and local artist. Hayward was so taken by the space that she decided to open a studio in it.

“I always loved the space,” Hayward said. “It has a lot of natural light and windows. I really changed the space quite a bit to make it more my brand. My big focus there is to be able to meet with clients in person. I do design in the office, as well.”

By opening the studio, Hayward wants to connect more with the community and attract more local clients.

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