Noblesville relaunches Bike Share program


By Chris Bavender

To the delight of local bicyclists, the City of Noblesville has relaunched its Bike Share Program.

“We have focused on mental health in the city the last year and a half, even before the pandemic, and we know there is a need for people to get outside and exercise,” Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen said. “We wanted to make sure we practice what we preach and equip the city with those assets.”

The program launched Aug. 17, in partnership with Tandem Mobility, with 10 cruisers located at Noblesville Bike Share stations at Forest Park and the Midland Trace Trailhead at Hazel Dell. The bikes have a basket to carry everything from groceries to personal belongings.

“Tandem reached out to several cities across the state, and we felt they were pretty knowledgeable of that arena and could provide a competitive option for our residents,” Jensen said.

The city previously had a bike share program for about five years, but the company shut down operations during the pandemic.

“It was decently popular, but we are seeing a major uptick now.  People are thinking outside the box as far as entertainment,” Jensen said. “People are living, working and playing all in the same community, so we are giving them the tools if they want to go shopping or just a simple ride.”

Jensen said the program could be expanded with additional cruisers if there is a public demand.

“I am confident there will be, and then we would add more stations around the city where they can be safely activated,” he said.

To access the bikes, download the Movatic app in the App Store and Google Play. Scanning the bike’s QR Code in the app unlocks the ring lock on the wheel. After the rider returns the bike to a designated bike station, the rental ends.

Bike rental costs are $1.50 per 30 minutes to rent with a cap of $24 for up to a 24-hour period. A $30 annual fee includes unlimited rides under one hour, with additional hours being charged at $1.50 per half-hour to a maximum of $24 for up to a 24-hour period.

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