Prevail plans 100 Men Leadership Summit


The purpose of the first Prevail’s 100 Men Leadership Summit is to inspire and mobilize men in breaking the traditional mold of what it means to be a leader in the community.

“This idea is founded on 100 Men’s approach of self and youth development,” said Sara Roorbach, Prevail’s primary prevention specialist. “We wanted to provide a space for men to come together to learn how to be better men, especially male leaders. We understand that men hold influential space in our community, and we wanted to inspire and mobilize men in breaking the traditional mold of what it means to be a male leader. We are actually partnering with the Wellbeing Coalition of Westfield. This is going to be their September event for the connections committee.”

AA COM 0824 previal 100 men
Prevail 100 Men member Justin Growden speaks at an 100 Men event. (Photo courtesy of Prevail)

The event is set for 8 a.m. to noon Sept. 11 at the Cambia Hotel in Westfield. Breakfast and refreshments will be provided.

Keynote speakers include Kyle Miller, coordinator of social emotional learning for Westfield Washington Schools, Westfield Middle School principal Mike Hall and Westfield Mayor Andy Cook. Attendees will learn the Web of Supports Model and how to engage in the interconnected system to better shape the community.

“The Web of Supports model is a framework used to describe how youth relate to adults and peers in their lives and how these relationships provide the supports necessary for young people to thrive,” Roorbach said. “We recognize the importance in investing in our youth, and even more so during a pandemic. We have all become disconnected to each other and to our community during COVID, and we want to encourage adults to invest in youth, in whatever way that looks for them, because our youth need it.”

Roorbach said Prevail’s 100 Men program has been around for several years.

“100 Men is a male engagement program through Prevail’s prevention department,” Roorbach said. “100 Men aims to develop male leaders who are willing to stand up and oppose violence. Members are committed to self and youth development with the goal of creating protective environments and building a safe and healthy community for all.”

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