Construction on 116th Street finishes ahead of schedule


Although the project was expected to take two months, construction on 116h street over the Nickel Plate Trail was completed in 46 days. The original projection was 60 days.

“There were a lot of good people, like our general contractor Meyer Najem, just making it happen,” Fishers Director of Engineering, Jason Taylor said. “Even though the weather didn’t really cooperate, we laid out a very efficient schedule that we were able to adjust to keep the project moving forward whether it was raining or not.”

Taylor said planning for the project began in 2018 when the contracts were initiated by the design teams. Taylor also credited quick work moving utility lines – no less than 10 under 116th Street – for completing the project ahead of schedule.

“A lot of times on our projects the utility companies can drive the schedule, because in order for us to do our road infrastructure, we need them to be relocated out of the way so we can get going,” Taylor said.

The good news for motorists is, 116th Steet is open with no detours. The tunnel being constructed beneath the street is on schedule to be completed by spring of 2022.