Letter: Those living in U.S. have hit the lottery



First, I want to defend Current’s editors.

Mr. Lenges asked in the May 18 edition of Current’s Reader’s Views, “Why would you publish such inflammatory … in your paper?” Mr. Lenges, please read the heading, “Views.” Mr. Peek has a view.

Second, I want to point out to Mr. Lenges, the editor printed your opinion, and Mr. Lenges, you have a view.

Third, sometimes I’m astonished how other people interpret the written word.

I thought the May 11 viewpoint, figuratively, was a call to arms. Not filled with hate, filled with gusto. Not us-against-them, but a wake-up call. Our nation, this country, was built with sweat, ideas and work. If you ask any successful person how they became successful, many would reply, at certain times, “I would have to dig deep.” As Mr. Peek expressed, in these times we have to start digging — now.

Mr. Lenges and Mr. Peek, all of us living in the United States have hit the lottery.

There are people in the thousands going through the process of immigration to better themselves, with some risking their very lives. Last week, a person asked me a question that made me stop and think. This insightful question would reveal the mindset and the spirit of the person who answered that question.

The question is, “What is your idea of the American Dream?”

Chris Drew, Carmel