Green House Cottages celebrates fifth anniversary


The concept of Green House Cottages of Carmel differs from a traditional nursing home or assisted living facility.

“The typical skilled nursing facility is set up like a hospital, which may have 200 elders or patients that are in a building and a centralized cafeteria and hang-out space,” said Jeff Langston, co-founder of Green House Cottages of Carmel, along with Justin Moffett and Andrew Greenwood. “Ours is six separate buildings, almost like large custom homes. Each one of those has 12 private bedrooms and individual bathrooms. Each home has a large custom kitchen. The meals are actually made in each home each elder is staying in.”

Old Town Design Group’s Green House Cottages of Carmel, 615 Green House Way, is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month.

Langston, who is a partner with Old Town Design Group, said staff prefers to call residents elders rather than patients.

“There is a large dining room where everyone in that building eats, so it’s like one big, happy family,” Langston said. “The intent is to make it feel like you are still at home as much as possible versus feeling like you are in an actual hospital or nursing home.”

During the height of COVID-19 pandemic, residents were served meals in their rooms.

“We were fortunate not to have an outbreak, because we have isolated pods,” Langston said.

Each house has a communal great room, fireplace, full-service kitchen, comfortable dining space, outdoor patio, library, fully equipped physical therapy center and salon.

“The elders are happier in this atmosphere,” stated Rhonda Hall, registered nurse at Green House Cottages. “What you’re doing is observing them on a more personal level and interacting with them more. You can see the changes more readily. This is as much of a home atmosphere as we can attain while being (in) a medical setting.”

Each building has three certified nursing assistants starting the day, two certified nursing assistants in the evening and one overnight.

Then, one registered nurse covers two buildings.

“You can be in the dining room and smell what is being made and talk to the CNA that is making dinner,” Langston said. “Because that group of CNAs stay in that cottage, they get to really know the elders really well.”

The Green House Project started nationally in 2003.

“There’s a philosophy of nursing care called Green House, and we were the first Green House nursing care in the Indianapolis area,” Langston said. “We view this as the future of what nursing care is going to look like, because we don’t think the baby boomers are going to put up with the traditional model.”

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