At the Table with Anna: Gocki’s Smokin’ BBQ, a food truck


Where to go: Gocki’s Smokin’ BBQ, a food truck

Address: Locations change weekly

What to get: Smoked brisket

Price: $10

Anna’s take: Gocki’s Smokin BBQ started 10-plus years ago, when pit master Scott Wilgocki taught himself how to barbeque and began smoking meat as a hobby. Until October 2019, Wilgocki worked in the corporate world but had been told he should pursue barbecue full time for years. In fall 2019, Wilgocki followed the advice and launched Gocki’s Smokin’ BBQ, a food truck. I am a huge smoked brisket fan, and that’s what I suggest you order ($10), with a side of mac and cheese ($3) and green beans ($3), cooked with bacon and onions. Wilgocki’s offerings reminds me of family gatherings with delicious, home-cooked food. It brings a whole new meaning to the term “comfort food” when you visit a food truck and order a side of green beans that smell just like the ones your grandma makes. My other favorite part about Gocki’s Smokin’ BBQ is the four homemade sauces he offers, ranging from no heat to sriracha-level heat. Wilgocki offers pickles and jalapeños to customize their orders, and I was overall very impressed with his ability to cook (smoke) up a good meal. Gocki’s Smokin’ BBQ motors around Hamilton County and surrounding areas and often sets up in neighborhoods. So, be sure to follow Gocki’s Smokin’ BBQ on Facebook.