Legacy Bible Church to move to Fishers


Legacy Bible Church got its started in Fishers five and a half years ago and soon will return to the city.

Legacy Bible Church began renting space in Fishers Junior High School. After outgrowing the space, it began renting a church building in Noblesville. The current building lease ends June 2021.

“So, we are in a position where we are needing our own facility designed for our style of worship and the kind of ministries we have,” Pastor Keith Kunda said. “We were able to purchase land in Fishers.”

The church recently held its groundbreaking ceremony at the new location, 13490 Howe Rd. The new site encompasses 17 acres.

Legacy Bible Church purchased the land in the fall 2018.

“Originally, we came to the agreement to purchase 10 acres of land from someone who owned a house on 7 acres and had 10 acres of vacant land,” said Kunda, a Fishers resident. “Originally, we came to an agreement with them to purchase the 10 acres of vacant land, but then we had the opportunity and funding became available to purchase all 17 acres, including the house.”

The church purchased the land and house with funds it already had in the bank and a donation. It conducted a capital campaign to fundraise for the construction of its building.

The total construction cost of the building, including site costs, was $6 million.

“We are still raising money for it,” Kunda said. “We have a signed commitment from a bank for a loan for part of it. We are close to funding the rest of it, about 5 to 7 percent short. We have funded about 93 to 95 percent with cash pledges or a loan.”

Legacy Bible Church conducts time-honored worship, which is sometimes called traditional worship. It also offers in-depth Bible preaching.

“A combination of those two things together we have discovered has been very difficult for people to find,” Kunda said. “We have people coming from five counties and 11 different denominational backgrounds to be a part of Legacy Bible Church.”

Kunda is unsure on when construction on the new building will be completed, as the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the construction. He said the church may have to move into a temporary building if its current lease expires prior to the completion of the new building.

For more or to donate, visit legacybiblechurchindiana.org.