Adam’s Neighborhood Tour: Plum Creek Village


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This week I talked to C.E. Quandt, president of the Plum Creek Village Home Owners Association.

Neighborhood: Plum Creek Village

Location: PCV is between River Road and Hazel Dell Parkway and 123rd and 126th streets. All the homes are on the back nine of Plum Creek Golf Club.

Size: 90 homes

Makeup of residents: Empty-nesters of whom the majority are retired. Golf is enjoyed by the vast majority of residents.

What makes it unique: Being a small community allows for the neighbors to know each other well. You can walk the entire neighborhood in 15 to 20 minutes and meet and greet as you do so.

Top issues: Maintaining the integrity of the neighborhood and surrounding communities at a high level is the primary concern. PCV residents are very civic minded and want to be sure that the city government leaders listen to the needs and wants of its citizens.

Fun events: There is a yearly party in August. There is also a block party held in the north end of the neighborhood in early summer.