Opinon: Mayor gives 3-step guide to receive tax discounts


Commentary by Mayor John Ditslear

At the Jan. 26 council meeting, the trash fee ordinance passed by a 6-3 vote. In an attempt to better inform homeowners that might face hardships with the fee, the city has recreated a three-step process so eligible residents might receive discounts on their property taxes, city utility bills and trash fee. Before a deduction takes place at the city level, a property tax deduction claim has to be filed and approved by the Hamilton Co. Auditor’s Office.

Step 1 – Visit the Hamilton County Auditor’s Office
The office is located in Suite L21 on the first floor of the Historic Courthouse, 33 N. Ninth Street, in downtown Noblesville. Hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more, call 776-9624, or visit www.hamiltoncounty.in.gov/443/Auditors-Office. Unless you have an approved application from the auditor’s office, you are not eligible for Noblesville Utilities/Trash Fee discounts.

 Step 2 – File for a Hamilton Co. Property Tax Deduction
A brief description of the potential property tax deductions and credits (based on Indiana Code) available in Hamilton County include:

  • Blind & Disabled Persons exemption: Deducted is $12,480 from the assessed value of the property. Applicants must bring proof of blindness or disability when filing. The individual’s income cannot exceed $17,000, and proof of income is required. The social security award certificate or a doctor’s statement is required when filing.
  • Disabled Veterans deduction: Applicants must furnish the auditor with their DD214 and U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs (USDVA) letter of compensation. If applicants do not have both the DD214 and the USDVA letter of compensation, they will be required to acquire State Form 51186 from the Veteran’s Administration (VA) Office. The deduction applies only to disabled veterans. Within certain guidelines, these veterans are eligible for a deduction ranging from $12,480 to $37,440. To obtain State Form 51186, contact the VA office by calling 232-3910.
  • Over 65 circuit breaker: The assessed value of the home cannot exceed $160,000. Adjusted gross income cannot exceed $30,000 when filing single and cannot exceed $40,000 when filing jointly. When applying, please bring your income tax return.
  • Over age 65: Deducted is $12,480 from the assessed value of the property. Property owners must reside on the property. Applicants must earn less than $25,000 adjusted gross income, combined with their spouse or other individuals on their deed. Applicants should bring their income tax return when filing. The assessed value of the property cannot exceed $182,430. Anyone who makes a change to their deed/trust must re-file.

 Step 3 – Provide Property Tax Deductions to Noblesville Utilities
I must note that eligibility for property tax deductions and credits are determined at the Hamilton Co. Auditor’s Office, not the City of Noblesville.

  • Noblesville utilities discount: A $10 credit per month is available.
  • Trash fee discount: Noblesville Utilities customers who receive a $10 credit per month on their monthly sewer bill will automatically receive a 50 percent discount on their trash fee. There are no additional forms to fill out or file. Residents may be added to the credit and 50 percent deduction once their claims have been approved by the Hamilton Co. Auditor’s Office.

Noblesville Utilities, 197 W. Washington St., is open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more, call 776-6353, or visit www.cityofnoblesville.org/wastewater.