Gregory Hancock signature piece in Carmel for Easter

Actors from Gregory Hancock perform ‘SUPER- HERO. (Submitted photo)
Actors from Gregory Hancock perform ‘SUPER- HERO. (Submitted photo)

By Devynn Barnes

It’s a story with which most are familiar, but with a modern and artistic twist. This Easter, you can relive the last week of Jesus’ life with all the color, music and movement characteristic of a Gregory Hancock production. “SUPERHERO: The Story of a Man Called Jesus” is a show set in “anytime and everyplace” that chronicles Jesus’ last week, and his relationships with Judas Iscariot, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and his disciples. Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre will have shows on April 3-4.

Kirsten Ferger, President of the Board of Directors for the dance company, says the show has been an audience favorite since the company debuted it eight years ago.

“It takes the characters that we know in the story and it gives the audience a very personal experience of what that week was like,” Ferger said. “It brings the story to a very human level.”

The show is a signature work of Gregory Hancock, who Ferger says is known for his ability to connect with the audience emotionally. He uses his company of world-class dancers as well as elaborate sets, lighting and music to create a show that’s exciting, but is also a respectful tribute to the story many people know and love.

“He is very aware that even though it’s his artistic retelling, he must consider the thoughts and feelings of who will be in his audience,” Ferger said.

The story is a classic, but what makes the show so unique is that it’s meant to be not time or place-specific. It can be interpreted as taking place anywhere at any point in history.

“Jesus’ story was about keeping kindness and love in every day,” Ferger said. “When you hear the story of the last week of Jesus, it’s always put back in time 2000 years ago. Mr. Hancock wanted to bring that story alive as it happens every day.”

The perfect show for the Easter season, SUPERHERO will be at The Tarkington at The Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel April 3 and 4 at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased by calling 843-3800 or online at Tickets are $38.50 for adults and $33.50 for students and seniors.