Affordable interior design advice coming to Carmel

Angie Jakad Fischer is making her return to the Indiana Design Center as owner of Interior Design Therapy. (Staff photo)
Angie Jakad Fischer is making her return to the Indiana Design Center as owner of Interior Design Therapy. (Staff photo)

By Dawn Pearson

There are all types of therapy for all types of people, but what if your furniture needs help? Do you take that stressed out sofa to a therapist? …And where does it sit? …On a couch?

New Carmel business Interior Design Therapy recommends calling them before you take your furniture to an expensive session with a shrink.

Interior Design Therapy is a unique and fresh perspective on hiring an interior designer said owner Angie Jakad Fischer.

“Interior Design Therapy is an immediate attainable and affordable solution for those people who need the advice and resources of a professional, but they don’t necessarily want to hire a designer for a long period of time or for their entire project,” she said.

Her business is now open at the Indiana Design Center at 200 South Range Line Road, Suite 218, in Carmel. And it’s a familiar local for Fischer.

“When the IDC opened years ago, I was the first designer to sign a lease in the building,” she said. “After taking some time away, I knew when I launched Interior Design Therapy, there was no better place for my business. I love being in the building, I am surrounded by friends and colleagues, and it really feels like coming home.”

How did she come up with the design therapy idea? Through years of working with different clients and research in the industry, from the Midwest to the east coast.

“As far as the therapy goes, throughout the years and with many clients, I found there is a common thread among most of them, the psychological or personal reason why they are redesigning, or moving or freshening up a space,” Fischer said. “I try to dive into those reasons, and it helps me decide on which direction to go with the design of a space.”

After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Fischer journeyed to Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh where her taste in interior design evolved into a successful career as a high-end lifestyle boutique owner and designer.

And now she’s working to fill a “gap” in the interior design industry.

“Generation Y is the largest generation in our population, many millennials are buying their first or second home right now, they are notoriously independent, they like instant gratification and have fueled a huge do-it-yourself trend. All of the home improvement shows and websites have contributed to people wanting to do it themselves as well.”

But she noticed people still want and need the advice and reassurance of a professional designer. So she now offers on-the-spot design assistance, without the large financial and time commitment of hiring a fulltime designer.

“I created this concept with the everyday person in mind,” she said. “We all have design questions we want to throw at somebody – and I want to be that somebody who is accessible, knowledgeable and within an hour provide clients with a plan they can execute.”

In a 60-minute one-on-one consultation with Fischer, she will address clients’ design dilemmas and provide direction, solutions and answers. Clients leave a “therapy session” with a plan she calls a prescription on how to solve problems and move forward with a project.

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