Letter: Don’t overlook Northview’s positive impact in community, world



I have called Northview Church home for the last 15 years. From attending church there while I was single, through today now married with three kids, it has provided immense positivity in my life. All three of our kids have attended pre-school there, and we could not have asked for better teachers who cared for our kids, had a passion for teaching and a passion for teaching them who Jesus is.

There has been publicity as of late not shedding a positive light on the church, and while stories deserve to be told, they should not overshadow what the church has done for our local community and world over the past 40 years. My family’s personal stories that are attributed to the opportunities Northview has provided us are endless. From making lifelong friendships, serving together at multiple functions as a family or individuals, and attending amazing worship services, Northview holds a special place for my family, and I know hundreds of others.

My motivation in writing this is because the church, Northview especially in my experience, is still the best place for hope, relationships and outreach to the community and world. The serving that goes on from GO Trips, Dollar Club (please check this one out), prison ministry, global partnerships with organizations like World Vision, Filter of Hope, etc. is endless. There are not many, if any, local entities that have the resources and the individuals willing to step up without expecting anything in return like the local church, and in my personal experience, Northview provides. My goal is that this brief note provides a different perspective to people jaded with the church, especially after the recent publication.

Shane Kelly, Carmel