Hamilton County Health Dept. provides CPR mannequins to local schools


The Hamilton County Health Department recently provided 256 CPR mannequins to several schools to “help empower students with lifesaving skills,” according to Tammy Sander with Hamilton County communications.

Sander stated that the department purchased 32 adult and 32 infant CPR mannequins each for the Westfield Washington and Noblesville School sistricts and Carmel High School. An additional set of mannequins was purchased for Carmel’s three middle schools to share.

“We know that CPR saves lives,” stated Jim Ginder, the Hamilton County Health Department health education specialist. “Even a seventh-grader can make a difference by knowing how to administer it. We’re proud to help our schools arm students with these essential skills.”

According to Sander, the mannequins provide an interactive learning experience, with the technology responding to students’ actions and providing immediate feedback on compression depth and speed.

“Indiana law requires school districts to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automatic external defibrillator instruction as part of their high school health curriculum,” Sander stated. “The (interactive) feature ensures that students receive accurate training and develop confidence in their CPR skills.”

Teresa Layton, nursing coordinator for the Westfield Washington School District, stated the resources provided by the Hamilton County Health Department will ensure students receive “top-notch CPR training” and empower them to “become confident and capable responders in emergency situations.”

For more about CPR training and resources, contact the Hamilton County Health Department at 317-776-8500.