Fishers sends out annual stormwater utility bills


Fishers residents should receive their annual stormwater utility bills in the mail this month, with payments due April 23.

According to the City of Fishers website, the stormwater utility is part of the city’s Water Quality Division and manages stormwater runoff and floodplains within the community. That includes managing and maintaining about 17,000 storm sewer pipes, which are separate from sanitary sewers; inspections and reviews for construction projects; street sweeping up to two times a year; stream restorations, drainages, floodplain permits and more.

The stormwater utility and billing regulations were created in 2007. The ordinance includes various rates depending on the type of residence. Most homeowners pay about $80 a year, while condo owners pay about $50.

The full bill is the responsibility of whoever owned a property as of Jan. 1 of each year. Those who have sold their homes mid-year should check with the title company to see whether the stormwater bill was included in closing costs, according to the city’s website.

Stormwater is water runoff from rain or watering systems. Managing that water helps keep streets and other areas from flooding.

The City of Fishers Stormwater Program manages other programs for residents, including the free rain barrel program, a stormwater grant program to help residents improve drainage at their properties and clean-up efforts at White River and Geist.

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