SERVE Noblesville to collaborate with the Mayor’s Youth Council’s Culture Fair for FUN Fest


Noblesville is gearing up to present SERVE Noblesville’s FUN Fest, in partnership with the Noblesville Mayor’s Youth Council’s Culture Fair, from 6 to 8 p.m. April 12 at the Noblesville School’s Community Center, 1775 Field Dr.

According to Patrick Propst, executive director of SERVE Noblesville, FUN Fest stands for food, unity and neighbors.

“Food, often considered the universal language of community, will take center stage at the festival,” Propst stated. “From traditional dishes passed down from one generation to the next, to cultural dishes shared among the delectable delights offered, attendees will have the opportunity to embark on a culinary journey like no other.”

City of Noblesville Community Relations Manager Lexie Rock stated that food is “the ultimate vehicle for bringing people together.”

“I look forward to the Mayor’s Youth Council hosting their Culture Fair alongside SERVE Noblesville through these welcoming and fun events happening in our community,” Rock stated.

In addition to food, Propst stated the festival will feature booths representing the different cultures of Noblesville.

“Attendees can expect to immerse themselves in diverse traditions, languages, games and more, fostering a greater sense of community connection and belonging,” Propst stated.

According to Propst, the project was the vision of organizer and Noblesville High School junior Vaibhav Patel when he entered the Mayor’s Youth Council.

“This project does not only represent a project that I’m profoundly passionate about, but this is a legacy from last year that I wanted to expand upon,” Patel stated. “We want to expand our shared sense of belonging and ensure that it includes every individual and every culture within our diverse community. When we are strongly connected, we stand united and (can) work toward our common goal: to keep Noblesville a welcoming place to live.”

Propst stated the event is a unique opportunity to celebrate Noblesville as the population grows.

“We have the opportunity to uphold the roots of this community that have nurtured and sustained us as we simultaneously embrace and cultivate the newer branches that now call Noblesville home,” Propst stated. “This is the space we get to come together to celebrate all things Noblesville and showcase the No. 1 asset that makes our town so undeniably awesome — our people.”

Those interested in hosting a booth or participating in the festival can visit