Column: It’s good for business


Commentary by Jeff Worrell

Promoting civility in the workplace is not simply a matter of being polite. Practicing civility is a textbook strategy for creating a positive and healthy employer environment, and it’s good for business.

Leaders who promote civility have demonstrated the office can become a place where productivity increases when a culture of respect is promoted. Starting with a disposition to regard each coworker as a moral equal deserving of mutual respect, leaders create a psychologically safe environment, reducing conflicts and fostering productivity. Studies have shown that a respectful work atmosphere leads to higher staff morale, increased productivity and lower turnover rates.

Additionally, promoting civility enhances trust and engagement among employees, leading to reduced stress, increased collaboration, and uninhibited creativity. Moreover, it can help boost employee retention and satisfaction, contributing to a positive corporate image and attracting top talent. By prioritizing civility, businesses can achieve better performance, lift employee well-being and secure a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Overall, when in a position to act or speak about civility, you are doing more than just collecting a paycheck.