The Sixpence proposes new venue in Westfield


The owners of a popular event venue in Boone County are looking to open a second facility in Westfield.

Representatives for The Sixpence went before the Advisory Plan Commission earlier this month with a proposed planned unit development on Springmill Road south of 186th Street. The PUD was first introduced before the Westfield City Council in February.

The proposed development, labeled Westwood PUD, would establish a modern, high-end special event venue, according to the staff report provided to the APC.

“This proposed new special events space will be a long-term asset to the Westfield community. It’s operated by a known operator who will offer their high-quality services to those in Hamilton County,” said Russell Brown, an attorney representing The Sixpence.

The proposed PUD would allow for the development of a 13,000- to 15,000-square-foot special events building, plus accessory buildings.

The site design includes a single access point from Spring Mill Road and large open areas, a pond and tree plantings to create visual and sound buffering.

A public hearing was held March 4 before the APC. Commissioners had questions about two retail outlots adjacent to the property, and potential future plans for developing the outlots.

The petitioner will make any necessary revisions to the proposal based on comments by the APC prior to further consideration.

SixPence, LLC operates The Sixpence venue in rural Whitestown.

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