Noblesville council approves various ordinances


The Noblesville Common Council met March 26 and approved several ordinances requesting additional appropriations in various areas.

Noblesville Deputy Financial Officer Ian Zelgowski presented all ordinances to the council.

The first ordinance was approved 7-0 after the second reading. It was for an additional appropriation to the debt service/ local income tax debt-sinking fund to provide funding for a Levinson garage bond payment.

Zelgowski said part of the fund’s purpose is to serve as the “secondary payment method for a bond payment that is primarily paid from any revenue that is generated by the Levinson TIF.”

The ordinance to approve additional funds was because of an error in the revenue predictions for the TIF, which was under budgeted, according to Zelgowski.

The council approved an additional $150,000 to cover the remainder of the debt.

The second ordinance the council unanimously approved was for additional funds in the parks program fund to appropriate proceeds from the sale of used golf carts.

“The parks department purchased 105 new golf carts,” Zelgowski said. “Part of the financing for those new golf carts was to sell the old golf carts. There were 94 of them that were sold, and they used the net proceeds of that sale toward financing the new golf carts.”

Zelgowski said the net proceeds from the sale was $263,639, all of which will go to the financing.

The council also unanimously approved appropriating additional funds in the American Rescue Plan local fund.

Zelgowski said the ordinance relates to the Forest Park Aquatic Center. A study was completed last year to evaluate the center’s health, and several “critical” issues need to be resolved before it opens for the season.

“Additionally, $150,000 of this will go toward building a net between the baseball diamonds and the aquatic center to put up additional safety barriers,” Zelgowski said.

The next common council meeting will be at 7 p.m. April 9 at City Hall.