Small fuel leak reported at Fishers gas station


Soil and groundwater were contaminated after an undetermined amount of fuel leaked from a storage tank at the Circle K at 7788 E. 96th St. in Fishers.

According to a March 15 notice from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the leaks were discovered during an inspection at the site. The inspection report notes that fuel was found in soil and groundwater, and in a sump pump for one of the gas station’s three tanks.

The leaking gas did not appear to affect any drinking water wells or surface water and had not caused vapors to build up indoors, according to the report.

“State regulations require the owner and operator of the underground storage tank to take immediate steps to contain and clean up a spill or overfill,” the notice stated. “If a release to the environment occurs due to a leaking tank, spill or overfill, the owner and operator are required to investigate the extent of the release and take steps to prevent any further release. They are also required to mitigate any fire, explosion or vapor hazards, and to the extent possible mitigate adverse impacts on human health and the environment.”

The leak was not large enough to require an emergency response, the report stated. The inspector, Matt Rozycki, noted that K & W Fueling Systems was dispatched to the site to investigate and make needed repairs.