Single-family homes not the plan for Westfield’s Grand Park


Westfield’s plans for the future of Grand Park include more than simply a management deal for the sports complex.

Mayor Scott Willis’ administration is working on development strategies for the Grand Park area to include hospitality, family entertainment, restaurants, retail and outdoor recreation.

One item Willis is discouraging, however, is single-family residential development around the perimeter of Grand Park.

“The mayor has been very clear that what he doesn’t want is any more garden-style apartments, free-standing, multi-family buildings that are just apartments,” Westfield Director of Economic Development Jenell Fairman said. “We would have multifamily if it has mixed use, where there is retail and office space (on the ground level).”

Development plans are in addition to the anticipated transition of the management at Grand Park sports complex.

In December 2023, the city entered a memorandum of understanding with Grand Park Sports & Entertainment, a public-private partnership of Keystone Group, Indy Sports & Entertainment, Indy Eleven and Bullpen Ventures for management of the 400-acre park complex. The agreement is not yet finalized.

Willis will host his first town hall meeting since taking office to give an overview to the public of his vision for the future of Westfield from 7 to 8:30 p.m. March 21 at Wood Wind Golf Club, 2302 W 161st St.

Willis said he wants to foster an open dialogue, allowing citizens to gain insights into plans and initiatives for the city. Residents can email suggestions for topics of discussion at [email protected].