Column: The choice is clear


Commentary by Dr. Amy Iddins

Let’s talk about contact lenses – specifically, the unsung heroes known as daily disposables. If you’re tired of the monthly lens hassle and discomfort, it’s time to consider the practical benefits of switching to a fresh pair every day.

For many years, monthly replacement lenses have been the most common modality. However, there have been many great advances in contact lens technology that leave many of the popular monthly lenses falling short.

When it comes to eye health, daily disposables take the cake. The risk of eye infections and overall intolerance decreases drastically when compared with their monthly counterparts. This is the main reason eye care providers are big proponents of these lenses. They are also generally thinner and more breathable, which helps to eliminate the complaint of dryness, especially towards the end of the day, keeping patients happier.

Convenience is also an area where daily lenses shine. No need for contact lens cases or solutions for daily cleaning. You simply use them for the day and dispose of the contact lenses that night. This also makes them a great option for kids.

Where are my allergy sufferers? Wearing daily disposables is a very smart decision for anyone who struggles with itchy, watery or irritated eyes. While monthly lenses can be a magnet for allergens, dailies offer a clean slate every morning.

If you feel like your vision gradually declines over the course of the month as your lenses age, you may be a great candidate for dailies as well. They do not get the type of deposits that accumulate when using the same lens over and over. It is hard to beat the clean, sharp vision daily disposables provide each day.

Lastly, daily disposables are an excellent choice for those people who only want to use contacts for certain activities or occasions. Instead of letting monthly lenses sit in the case for most of the month, open a fresh pair of dailies only when you need them.

In a world that’s hectic enough, daily disposable contact lenses offer a pragmatic and hassle-free approach to contact lens wear. The benefits are quite clear! If you’d like to learn more about daily lens wear or contact lenses in general, contact me at [email protected].

Dr. Amy Iddins is an optometrist with RevolutionEYES in the Fishers office.