Zionsville Plan Commission approves Starbucks, Holliday Farms development


The Zionsville Plan Commission met Feb. 20 at Town Hall, where it approved several petitions, including a development plan for The Shops at Holliday Farms and a Starbucks at 3595 Marketplace Dr. in Zionsville.

The petitioner for The Shops at Holliday Farms, GMT Investments, LLC, Traci Garontakos, is renovating the historic home at 3650 S. U.S. 421, now home to the global luxury real estate brokerage The Agency.

The plan commission first heard a petition requesting the approval of replating multiple lots at 3546 S. U.S. Highway 421, which it unanimously approved. Town council action wasn’t required, so the project will proceed.

The site has two property sections, with a trail easement running through the middle.

According to the plan commission’s staff report, the request involves merging lots “R” and “S” into a single lot, to be known as lot “T.” It will also establish a new location of the trail easement to the north of lot “T.”

The report states lots “R” and “S” will be vacated by action of the Zionsville Town Council, which unanimously approved it on first reading at its Feb. 20 meeting. The new location of the trail easement will result in a continuous pathway through Holliday Farms, allowing the public full access to the trail system.

The plan commission also reviewed a request for a development plan for four retail/office buildings on lot “T,” including The Agency, which it unanimously approved. There will be parking surrounding the exterior of the buildings.

Besides The Agency, the three buildings will all include space for multiple tenants.

Matt Price, representative for the petitioner, introduced the project.

The plan commission also reviewed a request for a development plan and replat for a Starbucks with a drive-thru and parking in the Holliday Farms PUD district.

The petitioner, MAP Holliday Farms, LLC, requested to re-plat the land to allow one section more space, which complies with Holliday Farms PUD standards.

“The desire to change the lot line between the two is because the end users weren’t established when the previous plat was recorded,” said Mike Tempco, who spoke on behalf of the petitioner.

According to plan commission staff reports, the development plan proposes a 2,230-square-foot Starbucks coffee shop with a drive-thru, parking, pedestrian access, landscaping and site lighting. The project is approved to proceed.

The next plan commission meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. March 18 at Town Hall.