Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township installs metal detectors for daily use at secondary schools


Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township announced Jan 26 that it has installed permanent weapon detection equipment at its secondary schools and will require all students and visitors to pass through the metal detectors when entering each building.

According to the announcement, the new systems are part of the district’s commitment to maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for students and guests. Lawrence Township schools already had been conducting weapons detection for large events and random detection/searches daily since 2016, according to the district.

“As part of our commitment to maintaining safe and secure learning environments for all students and guests, all secondary schools — Grades 7-12 — have now transitioned to daily screening upon entry into the building,” the announcement stated. “This decision, with the full support of the board of education, is a proactive approach to strengthen our existing safety protocols.”
Students and visitors will be required to pass through a metal detector at the entryway to each building.

“The process will be quick and non-invasive, and individuals will simply walk through the detector(s) as part of their daily entry routine,” the announcement stated. “Building administrators/security personnel will be present and will oversee and assist with these new protocols. Increased familiarity of these new protocols will expedite the process.”

A video the district provided showed students handing their laptop computers to security personnel before walking through the detectors.