Carmel High School graduate creates cabaret show


Hannah Paul figures she had an interesting concept for a cabaret show.

ND CHS ALUMS DUET 0123 Paul head shot

“What happens when performers attempt to sing musical theater duets, trios and group numbers all by themselves?” she said. “So, that should be pretty funny.”

The audience will find out when the 2018 Carmel High School graduate debuts her cabaret, “Fine, I’ll Duet Myself,” at 9:30 p.m. Feb. 1 at 54 Below, a cabaret in New York City. Paul is co-producing the show with her friend Dara Weinstein.

Paul will be joined by 2017 CHS graduate Jake Letts, who will perform on a night off from his Broadway national tour with “Aladdin.”

“It will be a sweet full-circle moment for both of us,” Paul said. “When his national tour came to Chicago last year, I got to see him in a professional context for the first time, so that was really exciting. It prompted me to reach out again when I was casting for this show.”

ND CHS ALUMS DUET 0123 Letts head shot

Paul, who is based in Chicago, is the producer and will perform in the show.

“Producing involves the creative elements like the show concept, casting, show order, as well as business element, working with the venue, marketing, selling tickets, coordinating the cast and choreographer,” said Paul, who works full-time in management consulting. 

“This is a passion project for almost a year now,” she said. “The real joy in it was designing the concept, finding the cast members and putting it all together.”

Paul said the show will run between 90 minutes and two hours.

“Each cast member performs one song, and there are 50 cast members,” she said.

Paul, a University of Chicago graduate, said her college friend, Robin Franklin, will be in the show.

“Most of our cast members are full-time creatives in New York City,” she said.

Paul made a pitch to 54 Below to be the producer on the concept. 

“If they like the concept and think you’ll have a good cast and bring in some tickets, they’ll support you in bringing in a show,” Paul said.

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