Letter: Lessons from subbing



I recently found myself in a job transition and I decided to jump into substitute teaching at Hamilton Southeastern Schools during my one-month interim.

After working in a corporate environment for 20 years, I was surprised by the outpouring of love I received from just being present. One time I was leaving my classroom in between classes and as I stepped into the hallway, I got a spontaneous big hug from a kiddo walking by with his class.

My biggest surprise was the day I was teaching PE at a junior high and I found that my first assignment was teaching yoga to a bunch of eighth-grade girls! After looking like a deer in the headlights, the other PE teachers took mercy on me, and we played a massive game of four-square volleyball instead.

I also got to teach art, STEM, global studies, resource and general ed. Through my assignments, I opened food containers, sent kids to the nurse, gave spelling tests, wiped down tables, pushed swings, pushed wheelchairs and served as a prop for chalk outlines at recess.

In just one month, I subbed multiple days at 10 different schools within HSE and my experience was consistent throughout. The teachers and support staff we have at our schools are top-notch and they give their all every day to ensure our kids are moving forward to become the future leaders of tomorrow. I made lots of new friends, both big and small, that I’ll never forget.

I encourage folks in our community to consider being a substitute teacher — you’ll be able to help guide young minds and you might learn something, too.

Jason Arnold, Fishers