Letter: We can do better than ‘airhead’ sculpture



In the Jan. 2 issue of Current in Carmel there appears a story about the new art sculpture to be installed in the Main Street roundabout in front of Carmel High School.

The $400,000 metal sculpture will feature steel wires shaped into the head and neck of a female student looking to the sky, hair blowing in the breeze.

I wonder if anyone from Carmel High School was consulted before this sculpture was selected? I understand that it is yet to be named. One Carmel High School female student suggested “airhead” as a possible name.

All visitors from other schools will be greeted with this unrepresentative sculpture.  Perhaps a Greyhound like the school mascot or some other more appropriate sculpture could be used, but a female “airhead?” Surely, we can do better!

Charles Murray, Carmel