Mayor and Zionsville Town Council announce appointments and reappointments


Mayor John Stehr and the Zionsville Town Council recently announced new appointments and reappointments to Town of Zionsville boards, commissions and committees.

All appointments are for one-year terms with the exception of: Board of Parks and Recreation (four-year term for town council appointments; one-year term for mayoral appointments), Park and Road Impact Fee Review Board (five-year term), Plan Commission (four-year term), Board of Zoning Appeals (four-year term), Board of Police Commissioners (three-year term after initial term) and Redevelopment Authority (three-year term).

Mayoral new appointments:

• Economic Development Commission: Wes Merkle

• Economic Redevelopment Commission: Justin Hage, Deron Kintner, Denise Pierce

• Economic Redevelopment Authority: Maggie Daniels Flint

• Board of Parks and Recreation: Michael Kaufmann

• Climate Action Steering Committee: Faye Snodgress

• Boone County Convention and Visitors Bureau: Amanda Cecil, Tiffany Stoner

• Finance Committee: Micah Vincent

Mayoral reappointments:

• Board of Zoning Appeals: Jocelyn Hinshaw, Chris Lake, Kathi Postlethwait

• Community Development Corporation: Erica Carpenter, Tammy Kelly, Patricia McCarthy, Ericka Pickell, Amanda Rubeck, Cara Weber

• Economic Redevelopment Authority: Chris Carriere, Tiffany Stoner

• Plan Commission: Mary Grabianowski, Jim Hurst, Chris Lake, Cindy Madrick

• Park/Road Impact Fee Review Board: John Demaree, Jim Longest, Tony Merlie

• Climate Action Steering Committee: Eliana Armstrong, Jill Pack, Coralie Palmer

• MPO Policy Committee and White River Alliance Board: Lance Lantz

• MPO Technical Committee: George Lewis

Town council new appointments:

• Plan Commission: Josh Fedor, Nick Plopper

• Zionsville Architectural Review Committee: Lisa Paul

• People of Zionsville for the Aesthetics of Zionsville Committee: Josh Martin, Tim McElderry

• Board of Parks and Recreation: Chad Dilley, Matt Milburn

• Safety Board: Evan Norris, Sarah Esterline Sampson, Joe Stein, Valerie Swack

• Board of Police Commissioners: Brad Burk

• Town Hall Building Corporation: Joe Stein

• Union Township Building Corporation: Tim McElderry

• Water Advisory Board: Jason Plunkett

• Boone County Solid Waste Management District Board: Evan Norris

Town council reappointments:

• Plan Commission: David Franz

• Zionsville Architectural Review Committee: Michael Billing, Tom Casalini, David Rausch, Todd Rottman

• Economic Redevelopment Commission: Kent Esra, David Ober

• Economic Development Commission: Mark Plassman

• People of Zionsville for the Aesthetics of Zionsville Committee: Dan Bradley, Pauline Coderre, Ellen Dennehy, Michal Owens, Greta Sanderson

• Safety Board: Alex Choi

• Zionsville Municipal Building Corporation: Larry Jones, Aaron Walton, Paul Watson

• Zionsville-Eagle Township Municipal Building Corporation: Larry Jones, Sean McHale, Craig Melton

• Zionsville Town Hall Building Corporation: Rob French, Steven Lonn

• Union Township Building Corporation: Mike Rhinebold, Bryan Traylor

• White River Alliance: Lance Lantz

• Boone County Solid Waste Management District Board: Brad Burk, Craig Melton

• Town Prosecutor: Craig Olsinski