Reilly enjoyed run as ATI executive director


Jim Reilly had experience operating a nonprofit after running the Indianapolis City Market in Indianapolis.

After leaving that position, Reilly started his own consulting company, The Reilly Group. But when the Actors Theatre of Indiana approached him about being a consultant, he was unsure he could do the job.

ND ATI JIM REILLY 0102 head shot

“I don’t act, I don’t sing, I don’t dance, but I can run a business,” he said. “I said, ‘Let’s give it a three-month contract.’”

Reilly served as ATI’s executive director for 12 years before retiring in late December.

“It’s been a good run,” Reilly said. “I had fun. I told them if they ever need me, I’ll help them. The time has come for some younger blood. I’m ready not to have the fundraising worries. I’m sure they will bring in someone who has the experience and the knowledge. My skills weren’t in the artistic field, they were in the business world. You have the combination of someone who likes theater and understands business.”

Reilly said he and his wife, PJ, always loved the theater.

Reilly, 76, said he liked that the ATI office was close to his Carmel home. PJ worked in the front office of Carmel High School for 28 years before retiring three years ago.

“She liked her job, and I liked working in the theater,” Reilly said. “It gave me some flexibility. I liked being around the actors all day, just being able to sit in the office. When I was doing my work and they were rehearsing, it made the day interesting. I liked hearing all the old songs, especially if it was an old Broadway show where I knew all the songs.”

Reilly, who is from Chester, Pa., moved to Indiana to work for Simon Property Group. He eventually worked at the Indianapolis City Market in Indianapolis.

Reilly has three children, who live in different states, with nine grandchildren.

“This will give us time to hop in the car and go,” Reilly said.