Fishers elected officials take oath of office


The City of Fishers conducted a swearing-in ceremony for elected officials Dec. 19 at the Fishers Fire and Emergency Services headquarters at 2 Municipal Drive. City Judge Daniel Henke conducted the ceremony for 11 officials who will take office Jan. 1, including three newly elected council members.

Mayor Scott Fadness offered opening remarks.

“I’m honored to be with so many newly elected officials here tonight,” Fadness said. “I know there’s a lot of seniority here with some of our council members, a lot of collective wisdom they can share with our new council members, but there’s also new council members with new ideas and new passion. I think intermingling those will only result in a better outcome for the City of Fishers.”

Newly elected council members are John DeLucia (R-NC District), Tiffanie Ditlevson (R-at-large) and Bill Stuart (D-SW District).

DeLucia served on the Hamilton Southeastern School Board for about eight years and was a member of the Fishers 50 Club.

“I really look forward to the opportunity to serve,” DeLucia said. “I’m going to do a lot of listening and learning and try to stay in close contact with constituents.”

Ditlevson previously served on the Hamilton East Public Library Board of Trustees. She is a founding member of Fishers One, a conservative grassroots organization. Ditlevson said she plans to learn about traffic ordinances and improve road safety.

“One of the things that I said to the many people I spoke to was how important traffic safety was and what I could do to make the roads as safe as possible,” she said.

Stuart has served the Fishers Planning Commission and the Fishers Fire Merit Board since 2016. He said he plans to assess the needs of his district with other council members.

“I’m honored to be elected and represent the southwest district,” Stuart said. “I’m looking forward to getting started and helping people solve problems.

Incumbents who were reelected and took the oath of office for the coming term were Fadness, City Clerk Jennifer Kehl (R), and council members Cecelia Coble (R-at large), Brad DeReamer (R-NE District), Pete Peterson (R-SE District), Selina Stoller (R-NW District), John Weingardt (R-SC District) and Todd Zimmerman (R-at large).