Column: Finding ways to spark creative juices


Feeling down, low on energy and having a lack of enthusiasm? Maybe it’s time to “Get your creative on!” Think about it. When your creative juices are flowing, how do you feel? Pretty jazzed with a hint of irrational exuberance!

So, how do you make that happen? Incredibly unscientific studies (me asking a few buddies over a cocktail at Adagio) show there are a variety of techniques to fuel your creative juices.

Here’s a few personally commissioned gizmos to drive creativity:

•Loud music! Coldplay, Chris Stapleton and U2 work for me. What about you?

•A cocktail or a glass of wine (it gets amateurish after one).

•An intense workout or a sunny mountain/beach/woodsy walk.

Well, of course, you feel better and more creative after those activities Randy! Don’t we all? Apparently not.

Here’s a few TED talk, scientifically supported ways to heighten creativity:

•Unlock your attitude of gratitude. Make a list!

•Space for grace. Meaning, find some down time. Creativity requires moments not consumed by … consuming.

•Unplug!! Put down the phone, set aside the laptop, TV off. Breathe. Smile.

•Find some exercise, mindfulness, a good night’s sleep and solitude (yeah, right?).

As a recently retired lifelong entrepreneur and now artist/philanthropist/husband/father/g-pa dude — being creative with a respectful sense of enthusiasm has fueled my lifestyle.

In reality, these are all tools I intentionally practice regularly to drive creativity and make progress on paintings or a nonprofit pitch. In fact, I’m writing this article in my art studio surrounded by canvases of creativity.

I’m genuinely curious, do you have a creative outlet? Play the piano, write poetry, photography, sketch? Email me at [email protected] with your passions, with samples.

Give yourself a Christmas present and a 2024 life boost and discover your tools to “Get your creative on!”