Column: The gift of great vision


Commentary by Dr. Jeremy Ciano

New bicycle, new shoes and new pants that actually fit, since their legs have grown so much since school started back in August. These are all important things to have under the tree. But the most important thing to make sure your child has – before starting school again – is great vision! If they can’t well copy notes from the board across the classroom or are straining to read because their eyes don’t focus well up close, they are at a decided disadvantage to succeed in school.

Most of us have started preventative medical care in our lives. We go to the dentist every six months to make sure we don’t have cavities. We take our children to their doctor for their yearly physical and checkup. An eye exam before starting school next year makes sure your child can see their best in the classroom and should be part of your family’s preventative care routine. Our hope is that your kids don’t need any vision correction; however, if they do, let’s correct it with a fun pair of glasses or contacts that gives them the advantage of great vision.

It’s easy to fall into the false security that if your child isn’t complaining about their vision, it must be fine. Simply put – they don’t know what they don’t know. A thorough eye exam is the only way to check to be sure your child’s vision and eye health is normal. We also do special tests to make sure the kiddos aren’t faking it, to either get or not get glasses. Yes, kids try to fool us on both sides of that equation, but – not to worry, parents – we are way ahead of them!

Be sure your child has the most important tool for success this holiday season: great vision!