Lawrence council president cancels June 5 meeting


Lawrence Common Council President Tyrrell Giles has canceled the regular June 5 council meeting, and instead scheduled a special meeting for June 14. The regular midmonth meeting of June 21 remains on the calendar for now.

In response to a request for a reason he canceled the regular meeting, Giles said he had no comment at this time.

The first meeting of each month is traditionally when public comment is heard, although that part of the agenda had been removed from the May 1 meeting agenda. At that meeting, Giles told Current that it was absent from the agenda “to keep the peace.”

The council last heard public comment at its March meeting. The first meeting in April was also canceled, so there was no public comment that month, either.

Members of the public can submit written comments. However, City Clerk Kathy Walton said in response to a request for copies of those comments that no written public comments to the council had been received by her office for the past three months.

The last three Lawrence Common Council meetings have been short — lasting five to 10 minutes each — and consisting mostly of approving claims. One item of new business — approving American Rescue Plan Act funds for public projects — was quickly referred to the finance committee for review.

When the April council meeting was canceled, Mayor Steve Collier and his administration held a town hall on the night that the meeting would have taken place. Chief of Staff Cori Korn told Current that another town hall was planned for 6:30 p.m. June 5 at One Government Center, 9001 East 59th St. in Lawrence. The focus of the town hall is public safety and streets.